1) Fun is accomplishing something you didn’t know you could do.

Rowing is easy to learn and impossible to perfect, so it has something to offer for everyone!

There is no need to be intimidated if you are brand new.

And there will always be a challenge waiting for you even if you’ve done this sport for years.

My aim is to design appropriate challenges for each of my rowers because that is not only what helps you move forward, but also what makes sport fun. Whatever your level, if there’s no uncertainty or difficulty, there’s no surprise or sense of achievement at the end.

So bring your game face and let’s have fun accomplishing goals we didn’t know we could achieve.

2) Strength means nothing if it tears you apart.

I have been teaching the sport of rowing to new athletes since 2007, and every year has increased my emphasis on technique as the foundation for successful rowing.

While it is fun to go fast, we have to lay the groundwork of efficient movement first.

Now that I coach for fun, an emphasis on technique is even more important than ever. As adults, we have accrued poor posture, chronic inflexibilities, and even injuries over the years that predispose us to making inefficient movements that can actually make us worse instead of better as we increase our athletic activity.

I will teach the sport from the ground up, I will continually hound you about your technique, and I will do my best to suggest stretches and supplemental strengthening exercises to help you row better.

Good technique must take precedence before fast rowing because if you can’t make an efficient motion, it won’t matter how strong you become; if you cannot successfully coordinate your movements, your strength will be wasted–or worse, self-destructive.

Together we must prevent technique becoming your limiting factor.

3) Don’t let perfection become the enemy of good.

All that being said, don’t feel like you have to be a perfect rower before you can go hard.

Technique and strength are journeys that should go hand in hand. Neither will happen overnight; both will require daily effort.

Just start where you are and have fun moving forward one stroke at a time!