What’s your why?

Manhattan Community Rowing Club exists to grow the sport of rowing right here in the Little Apple. We want everyone to row!

What is rowing?

Rowing is like nothing you’ve ever done before. Combining attributes of both individual and team sport experiences, it provides opportunities for personal accomplishments and social engagement.

Our club provides something for everyone, whether your motivation is competitive, recreational, or somewhere in between!


Our boats are narrow, so the primary physical benefits of rowing include increases in balance, coordination, flexibility, core stability, as well as cardiovascular capacity. Furthermore, learning to rows is a lifelong challenge to overcome with both personal commitment and team rapport.

How to join?

Sign up for a day to visit practice: Learn-to-Row form

No Experience Necessary!

Don’t worry if you have no rowing experience; we can give you a FREE lesson consisting of hands-on instruction including proper rowing technique, boating safety, and equipment handling.

Everyone Welcome

Our team is a supportive learning environment for participants to discover a passion for the sport of rowing and to enable them to develop basic technical fundamentals.

When and Where

Fall practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm.

Whenever the weather is row-able, you’ll find us on the waters of Tuttle Creek Reservoir.
Our boathouse is located at 7560 Spillway Marina Rd.

Choose a date and communicate with the coaches here: Learn-to-Row form


Email the coaches with any questions at: